Social Media


Start a conversation with your customers.

If you want to target Millennials, you have to engage with them online. They don’t trust advertising and they don’t trust traditional marketing slogans and hype. They do trust personal relationships, transparency and honesty.

Platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube and blogs are more than just a way to find new customers, they allow you to build a relationship with your customers, to find out what drives them and what they need from you. Social media is a long-term marketing strategy which requires a strong brand identity and time.

These are some of the ways that I can improve your business’s social media presence:

  • Setting up new social media profiles
  • Designing custom cover and profile photos
  • Managing the day-to-day running of social media profiles
  • Optimizing social media profiles
  • Planning and managing advertising campaigns
  • Content creation
  • Growing a social media network organically
  • Monitoring and responding to feedback, comments and messages
  • Consultation and recommendations regarding the latest trends and social media technology
  • Analyzing data

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