Urban Link – I Have Still Not Been Paid

Urban Link – I Have Still Not Been Paid

At the beginning of February 2016 I was employed by Urban Link’s Garden Route* branch to be the “Social Media Guru”.

I was interviewed by Harry Draper and Colin Preller at the Love.It Coffee Shop in George, which I was told is owned by Reshia Draper and Harry Draper. After the interview I was informed that I had been hired.

During February I managed all aspects of Urban Link Garden Route’s social media presence and digital graphic design work. This included creating a social media strategy, modifying their Facebook profile, setting up new Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and LinkedIn profiles with custom artwork, posting content and designing graphics to accompany the posts, designing digital posters to advertise houses, as well as managing online advertising campaigns.

I was promised a basic salary, plus an amount per sale that I helped to market online. Later in the month I was ordered to design print advertisements for the Oudtshoorn branch’s local newspaper and was asked to invoice them separately for that, as it fell outside of my duties.

By the end of February I had still not received an employment contract. I was expected to work 7 days a week and be on call all hours of the day and night. I was asked to do work that was not part of my job spec (including being told to develop websites), for no extra remuneration. I resigned at the end of February, giving the required legal notice period. All social media access credentials were handed over, and confirmed by a third party.

urban link still hasnt paid me

As of 20 June 2016, I have still not been paid my salary for February, nor have I been paid for the extra design work done for the Oudtshoorn branch.

Harry Draper and his manager, Colin Preller, (a youth pastor at Liberty Church in George) have flatly refused to pay me a cent. His wife, Reshia Draper, as well as Raal Nordin (the national franchise owner) and the franchisee under which they are trading, are all aware of the situation and appear to have done nothing to rectify it.

I have written proof of all the facts, as well as recorded telephone conversations.

The Department of Labour has accepted my case and contacted Harry Draper on two separate occasions and on both he stated that he flatly refuses to pay me a cent. He also refuses to provide a valid physical address where papers can be served. 

I am unable to ascertain who exactly the legal owner of the business is, as the franchise appears to be trading under a company owned by Harry Draper’s wife. The Estate Agents Affairs Board is also unable to confirm whether any of these parties are registered as Estate Agents. Calls to the franchisor and main franchisee have also not provided any answers and head office ignored my request to be supplied with the registered physical address for the franchise.

In the meantime, the business has used and continues to use the products of my work on a daily basis on their social media pages and at their show houses.

At this point my legal fees are too high for me to continue searching for information, and the South African legal system is slow and tedious. I’m asking anyone out there who might have information that could help me or my case to please contact me via my website’s contact form.

This business is advertising more positions for employment, and are searching for new properties to list throughout the Garden Route. Please, do background checks with the EAAB and check personal credentials before entering into any agreement with an estate agency. And please share this – I don’t want anyone else to end up in the same situation that I’m in.

Thank you.


* Urban Link Garden Route also trades as Urban Link George and Urban Link Western Cape Zone 2.


Below are some examples of my work that Urban Link has used but not paid me for…